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Thermal Science Manual and Old Questions Solution for Pokhara University

Download Applied Mechanics Manual And old question solution for Pokhara University

 Download Thermal Science Manual and Old Questions Solutions for Pokhara University

Thermal Science Manual

Course Objectives: 

The broad objective of this course is to provide a working knowledge of theories and applications of thermal science. The specific objectives of the course are to apply laws of thermodynamics in various systems, to make able to distinguish the cycles in multiple engines,  and pumps, and to make able to calculate energy/quantity of heat transfer by conduction and radiation.

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1. Howell  J.R.  and  R.O.  Buckius,  Fundamentals of  Engineering  Thermodynamics,  McGraw-Hill Publishers, 1994.

Reference Books:
1. Van  Wylen,  G.J.  and  Richard  E.  Sonntag,  Fundamentals of  Classical  Thermodynamics,  Wiley  Eastern Limited, New Delhi, 1989.
2. Bayazitoglu,  Y.  and  M.  Necati  Ozisik,  Elements of  Heat  Transfer,  McGraw-Hill  Book  Company,  1998.
Kreith, F., Principles of Heat Transfer, International Textbook 

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