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Microprocessor Notes for Computer Engineering Pokhara University

Download Microprocessor PDF Notes for Computer Engineering Pokhara University


Download Microprocessors Notes for Computer Engineering Pokhara University

Download Microprocessor PDF Notes for Computer Engineering Pokhara University

Course Objectives:

1. To understand the essential operation, programming and application of microprocessors.

2. To build a foundation for the microprocessor-based system design.

1. Introduction: (6 hrs)

Evolution of microprocessor, Calculator and stored-program computer. Von Neumann and Harvard architecture. Description of microprocessor architecture and Applications

2. 8-Bit Microprocessor and Programming: (12 hrs)

8085 Pin configurations, Functional Architecture of 8085, Register transfer language. Instruction and machine cycle, addressing modes, Direct, indirect, immediate, absolute. Register, stack and implied, RTL description of data transfer instructions, RTL description of logical education, RTL description of branching instruction, RTL description of other education, fetch and execution cycle. Fetch and execution overlap, a timing diagram for register move, indirect read, write and out education.

3. 16 Microprocessor and Assembly language programming: (15 hrs)

The architecture of 16 – bit microprocessor, Registers, Assembly instructions format. nemonics and operands, Macro assemblers, Linking and assembler directives. Addressing Modes, Int 10h, Int 21 h and functions,

4. Bus Structure and Memory Devices: (5 hrs)

Bus structure, synchronous and Asynchronous data bus, address bus, bus timing, static and dynamic RAM, ROM. Programmable read-only memory (PROM), Electrically programmable memory (EPROM) electrically erasable and programmable Memory (EEPROM), SRAM and ROM interface requirements.

5. Input/ Output Interfaces: (5 hrs)

Serial communication, Parallel communication, data transfer wait interface, RS – 232 and IEE 488 – 1978 general–purpose interface requirements.

6. Interrupt: (5hrs)

Interrupt and vector descriptor table, input service routine requirements, interrupt priority, miscible and non-miscible interrupts, software interrupts, Traps and exceptions, vectored, chained and polled interrupts structures, interrupts in parallel and serial interfaces.

7. Introduction to advanced Microprocessor architecture (2 hrs)

Introduction of RISC and CISC. 

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