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Instrumentation Pdf notes for Pokhara University Engineering

Download Instrumentation Pdf notes for Pokhara University Engineering


Instrumentation Pdf notes for Pokhara University Engineering

Download instrumentation PDF notes for Pokhara University Engineering.

Course Objective:

1. To provide knowledge of instrumentation.
2. To give knowledge of measurements.
3. To develop skills of instrumentation system.

Course Contents:

1. Introduction to Instrumentation System (3 hrs)
Components of Instrumentation and their function, Transducting, signal conditioning and transmission, Output device, Type of signals in instrumentation.
2. Signal Measurements (12 hrs)
Units and standards of measurements, Measuring instruments, performance parameters, Dynamic parameter, Review of Wheat stone, inductance and capacitance bridges, error, Probability of errors, Normal distribution.
3. Physical Variables and transducers (12 hrs)
Physical variables and their types (Electrical, Mechanical, Process, bio-physical variable), Types, Principle of operation, input and output characteristics and applications of transducers (resistive, capacitative, inductive, voltage and currents), calibrations and error in transducers.
4. Signal Conditioning and Processing (8 hrs)
Importance o signal conditioning, signal amplification, filtering, and wave shaping, instrumentation, amplifier, OpAmp in instrumentation. Isolation amplifiers principles and essentials of isolation amplifiers, Applications, interference signals and their elimination, signal conversion (Analog – to – digital, Digital – to analog).
5. Data Transmission (4 hrs)
Transmission types, Transmission schemes, Data transmission system and standards.
6. Output Devices (3 hrs)
Indication instruments, Magnetic data recorders, Strip – chart, S-Y display unit and Plotter.
7. Data Acquisition Systems (3 hrs)
Components of Analog and Digital Data Acquisition System, Use of Data Acquisition Systems, Modern trends in data acquisition system.

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