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How to record Clubhouse Rooms

Record clubhouse rooms and conversation with clubdeck app a third-party clubhouse client for windows and macOS
How to record clubhouse room
Clubhouse is really popular nowadays among people due to its unique idea and also because it is invite-only social media. Many creators are also having rooms and conversation with their audience. Many intellectual personalities are also found giving speeches in the clubhouse. I know you always wish that you can record those rooms and save those conversations for the future. In this very tutorial today you will learn how to record clubhouse rooms.

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Clubhouse app doesn't have inbuilt functionality for recording rooms not even if you are the moderator of the room. So, you should definitely use a third-party app. The app we are going to use is called Clubdeck. Clubdeck is a Clubhouse client for Windows and macOS. It has similar features as Clubhouse. To download and install the app follow my tutorial linked below.

Recording Clubhouse room

To record a clubhouse you need to open the Clubdeck app. You can choose a room to record form the room listed in the app. I am choosing the room called Technical Helpdesk. Now, you need to join the room.

Clubdeck app

After you join a room you see this type of UI. You will see controls on the right side. There is a start recording button in the list. Now click the start recording button.

saving clubhouse recording

Now, you will be asked to choose a place on your storage to save the recording file of the room. The name of the file will be automatically taken from the Room name and the date, you can also change that as you like. Press the save button and it will start recording the room for you.

clubdeck app for windows

As you can see the stop recording option is available now, you can click that button and stop the recording. You can also set time stamps when the topic on the room switches. The recording will be saved in the folder you choose in .ACC format. This is the easiest way to record Clubhouse rooms and conversations.

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