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Story of An Hour Summary Communication Technique Pokhara University

Story of An Hour Summary Communication Technique for Pokhara University engineering programs

 Story Of An Hour

Story of an hour summary pokhara university

Story of an Hour is included in the curriculum of Communication Technique at Pokhara University for all bachelor of Engineering programs.

Summary :

The story of an hour follows Louis Mallard, the protagonist, as she deals with the news that her husband Brently Mallard has died. Louise is informed of her husband's tragic death in a railroad accident by her Sister, Josephine. Louise reacts with immediate grief and heads to her room where she gradually comes to the realization that she is happy that her husband has died. Though she bears no animosity towards her husband, the implications of his death include a new sense of freedom for Louise. This realization of the possibility is the source of her joy and she breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. Later, she heads back downstairs, only to witness Brently coming home. Her goy turns to shock at the sight of her husband and she dies as a result. The doctors in the story diagnose her death as heart disease, described as " of the joy that kills".

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