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How to get free Cloud Storage in 2022

Get free cloud storage over Onedrive to upload and share unlimited files to anyone through link.

get free cloud storage

Cloud Storage has been a significant part of our life as we can access our files from any part of the world once uploaded to the storage. But lately, there's been a change in this area. Google Photos which was providing free unlimited storage for storing photos and videos, discontinued it and made the upload limited to only 15GB of the free Gdrive storage from June 1, 2021. So today in this article you will learn how to get free cloud storage legally over Onedrive.

How to get free Onedrive Cloud Storage

You can get 5TB of free cloud storage on Onedrive with this trick. You need to go to this website. Remember this website is not in English so you should translate this page to English. I am using Brave browser so I have the google translate extension installed. You can use any browser. Now, open the website.

free cloud storage

You will see this interface. Click on the register now button it will scroll you to a registration form.

free onedrive storage

You have to Enter your name I am using some dummy name and then enter a username that should be unique. Then solve the captcha and click on the registration button.

free 5TB onedrive storage
Now it will generate an email and a random password for you. Copy the password and email and click on login now. It will take you to the Microsoft office login page. Enter the credentials and log in. You need to change the default password first. And now you will have your free 5TB Onedrive storage.

Note: Don't sync your computer or upload your private files to it because the admin of the domain may have access to your files. Everything comes under a price so be smart when using it. {alertWarning}

You will not only be getting 5TB Onedrive storage but will be getting online Microsoft Office 356 for free. Below are some services that you will be getting with this registration.

This will not be like Google Drive or Google Photos but at least you are getting some space on the close where you can upload and share files with anyone.

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