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Computer Engineering All Semester Notes For Pokhara University

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All the notes for Computer Engineering Pokhara University

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Computer Engineering all notes pokhara university

Everything is according to the syllabus of Pokhara University For Computer Engineering(BoCE)

First Semester
Subjects       Links       
 MTH 112 Engineering Mathematics I  Link
 CHM 111 Engineering Chemistry  Link
 ENG 111 Communication Technique  Link
 CMP 113 Programming in C  Link
 ELE 110 Basic Electrical Engineering  Link
 MEC 110 Mechanical Workshop  Link

Second Semester
Subjects       Links       
 MTH 114 Engineering Mathematics II  Link
 PHY 111 Physics  Link
 MEC120 Engineering Drawing  Link
 CMP 115 Object Oriented Programming in C++  Link
 MEC 111 Thermal Science  Link
 MEC 130 Applied Mechanics I  Link

Third Semester
Subjects       Links       
 MTH 212 Engineering Mathematics III  Link
 CMP 225 Data Structures and Algorithms  Link
 ELE 210 Electrical Engineering Material  Link
 ELE 211 Network Theory  Link
 ELX 211 Electronics Device and Circuits  Link
 ELX 212 Logic Circuits  Link

Fourth Semester
Subjects       Links       
 MTH 214 Engineering Mathematics IV  Link
 ELX 231 Instrumentation  Link
 CMP 226 Database Management System  Link
 CMP 211 Programming Technology  Link
 ELX 230 Microprocessor  Link
 CMP 290 Project I  Link

Fifth Semester
Subjects       Links       
 MTH 230 Numerical Method  Link
 MTH 220 Probability and Statistics  Link
 CMP 330 Operating System  Link
 CMP 332 Computer Architecture  Link
 CMP 241 Computer Graphics  Link
 CMP 326 Theory of Computation  Link

Sixth Semester
Subjects       Links       
 CMP 350 Simulation and Modeling  Link
 CMP 340 Data Communication  Link
 CMP 320 Object-Oriented Software Engineering  Link
 ELX 312 Embedded System  Link
 ---- Eective I  Link
 CMP 390 Project II  Link

Seventh Semester
Subjects       Links       
 ECO 411 Engineering Economics  Link
 CMP 441 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition  Link
 CMP 455 Artificial Intelligence  Link
 CMP 335 Computer Networks  Link
 CMP 483 ICT Project Management  Link
 ---- Elective II  Link

Eighth Semester
Subjects       Links       
 CMP 442 Digital Signal Analysis and Processing  Link
 CMP 484 Social and Professional Issues in IT  Link
 MGT 321 Organization and Management  Link
 CMP 481 Informaation Systems  Link
 ---- Elective III  Link
 CMP 490 Project III  Link

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